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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) iSOM (ISNT Members Online)

How do I know whether my membership data is available in the online database or not?

Please click here to go to the page.

Scroll down to Sponsoring ISNT Member

Type your ISNT member as LM2222KO. Wait till the number is shown in the dropdown. If your membership number is not shown in the dropdown menu, then your membership data is currently NOT available online. Please contact ISNT Head office for updating your data.

If your membership number is shown in the dropdown menu, please click on the number, and then click at outside of the textbox. The name and e-mail ID associated with the membership number will be shown on the corresponding non-editable textboxes.

What is the login ID and password for login to the member area?

The login ID is your membership number and the password will be generated by the system and will be sent to the registered e-mail ID.

How do I get the password?

Please click here to go to the page.

Enter your membership ID e.g. LM1234BG and registered e-mail ID. If the input data matches with the data available in the database, then the confirmation message will be displayed on the screen indicating that the password has been successfully sent to the registered e-mail ID.

Can I get the password without the registered e-mail ID?


My e-mail ID is not registered, what can I do to register the e-mail ID?

Please write to to register your e-mail ID. Please inform the correct membership ID.

How do I log in to the member area?

Please click here to go to the page.

Enter your login ID and use the password sent to your registered e-mail ID. Click to Login.

Can I change my password?

Ans: Yes. After login in to your account, you can change your password by clicking on the required link available on the left side.

Can I edit my contact details?

Yes. You can edit your details after login in to your account.

Can I apply online for the new membership?


How do I apply for new membership?

Ans: Please click here to go to the relevant page.

Follow the instructions given on the webpage.

On the Instructions page, you will see the available link to Add a different category of membership. Click on the required Category of membership as desired. For example, if you are interested to apply for New Life Membership, please click on the link entitled “Add Life member”. Right now the online membership application is active for Life Member, Associate Member, Member and Student Member.

Fill in the required fields. Select the nominating/sponsoring member. Submit the form. At this stage DO NOT proceed with payment. You’ll receive a confirmation, once your membership is recommended by the nominating member. At that stage make the payment and submit the payment details after clicking on the link forwarded to your e-mail ID. Once payment confirmation is received from the account team, your application will be approved and an e-mail will be sent to you requesting to download your e-Membership certificate from the provided web link.

Who can be a nominating member for the new membership application?

An existing Life Member, Fellow Member or Hon Fellow of ISNT only can be a nominating or sponsoring member for the application of Life member, Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Corporate Member and Life Corporate member.

Do my membership application needs to be recommended by an existing member of ISNT as nominating member or sponsoring member?

Yes. Your application must be referred by a Life Member, Fellow Member or Hon Fellow of ISNT for the application of Life member, Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Corporate Member and Life Corporate member. The nominating member must reply to the confirmation e-mail for nominating you as a member for further processing of your application

For the online membership module, how can I choose a nominating member?

During the online application for membership, you must choose an existing member by entering his membership number such as LM1234BM in the field of Sponsoring member. After typing 5 characters, the list of members matching the typed numbers will appear in the dropdown menu. You need to select the desired membership number and click outside of the text box. Wait till the Name and registered e-mail ID appears in the corresponding fields. If only one valid e-mail ID is displayed in the e-mail text box, you may continue the application process and submit the application once completely filled.

My membership data is not available in the online database. Can I still nominate a new member?

No. It is essential to have the data of the nominating member available online so as to choose the nominating member during the application process.

My e-mail ID is not registered in the membership database. Can I still nominate a new member?

No. As per the current online process, the ISNT head office must receive a reply e-mail from the nominating member from his / her registered e-mail ID to process the application further for the registration for new membership. In future, the process will be changed to clicking a approve button available in the membership area.

When can I get my membership e-certificate issued?

You may expect to get the e-certificate within a few minutes once the membership team confirms the receipt of payment from your end.

Can I pay the membership fee online?

No provision is yet made for online payment. However, payment can definitely be made by direct transfer to the designated bank account given in the e-mail. The online Payment Gateway will be implemented soon.

Is the offline modality of the new application stopped?

Yes. The hard copy submission process for a new membership application is dispensed with.